Megyn Kelly’s SMEAR JOB on Alex Jones (Video)

Thursday, June 15, 2017 by

The Health Ranger explains why Megyn Kelly’s smear job on Alex Jones is rooted in total LIES and disinformation… very typical for the fake news mainstream media.

Podcast Transcript: “Megyn Kelly is a totally dishonest tool of the globalists – it’s just disgusting to watch her work these hit pieces against Alex Jones. You’re listening to the Health Ranger Report by the way. Thanks for joining me. You can listen to more podcasts at the Of course, my name is Mike Adams, known as the Health Ranger. I was a substitute radio host for Alex Jones a stint which ended in the year 2013 and I haven’t had any contact with Alex since 2013. Now I don’t agree with Alex on everything, however it really infuriates me when I see people like Alex being completely misrepresented deliberately by operators like Megyn Kelly who is just doing a total smear job on Alex Jones by saying that Alex believes that no children died at Sandy Hook. And that’s been the focus of her smear attempt, her attack piece, and it’s completely false. Totally false. In truth, Alex Jones acknowledges that some children died at Sandy Hook, but that CNN used crisis actors to dramatize the events on camera. CNN has been caught over and over and over again staging fake news on camera, dramatizing events and using crisis actors off and on top of real events that took place. In effect, what CNN does is they take a real event – like a shooting or bombing – and they bring in actors, professional actors and they put them on camera to play certain roles. I think in Sandy Hook there was one actor who played the role of a sniper and you can see him walking around carrying a sniper a rifle by the magazine, which no gun owner would ever do unless they are a complete a moron and certainly a trained sniper would never do that, it’s just laughable… And then the same guy plays a grieving parent. You find this over and over again. There are many, many videos on YouTube that break down the crisis actors. It doesn’t mean the events never happened. What it means is that CNN is dramatizing them with fake crisis actors and fake grieving parents who are reading scripts or who would cry on cue. They’re not even the real parents. My heart goes out to the real parents whose children really died in these events. Those real parents though often don’t say the things that CNN wants them to say. A lot of parents won’t attack guns for example, because they are pro-guns.” Listen to the full podcast below:

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Megyn Kelly’s SMEAR JOB on Alex Jones from NaturalNews on Vimeo.


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