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The Health Ranger explains why you’re witnessing the “revolution of everything” as old institutions try to hold on to power.

Podcast Transcript: “Everything that’s unfolding in front of our eyes right now is about the old institutions of power trying to hold on to power. This is true in medicine, in agriculture… Like in medicine, they’re trying to make sure that cannabis isn’t legalized, because they know that medical cannabis would make dozens of prescription drugs obsolete. So, they’re desperately trying to hold on and criminalize cannabis to make sure people don’t learn the truth about how dangerous prescription drugs are… All these things. They want to keep selling the opioids, because that’s making billions of dollars for these rich fat-cat drug companies. Politics is the same thing. This isn’t about Republicans versus Democrats. This is about the old guard system, the establishment – which is both parties. They’re all the same really when you come down to it. They all believe in making themselves more powerful. They all believe in growing the size of government, so they can rule over you. Republicans don’t believe in small government – not the establishment guys. They’re all about big government and ruling over you and just shoring up their power. Yet their power is now threatened. People are sick and tired of the two-party system frankly. They’re sick and tired of being lied to. They’re sick and tired of the corruption of electing people to Washington who don’t do anything to represent the people who elected them…” Listen to the full podcast below:

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