Why Big Government Always Leads to GENOCIDE (Video)

Thursday, November 30, 2017 by

Here’s why big government / global government is pushing toward genocidal goals, where government now wants to eliminate the population rather than expanding it.

Podcast Transcript: “I’m going to explain how socialism – or collectivism – leads to genocide and depopulation. It’s very simple actually when you think about it. Throughout most of human history, until the last 50 years or less, governments wanted more population because they wanted more people to be able to add productivity to the economy, to earn more incomes that could be taxed, to settle new lands, to spread out and conquer. This is especially true in in the 1800s when it was wide-open space over most of the planet and governments needed more people to settle different farms, ranches and cities all across the world – including North America. So, they needed more people. But today, thanks to collectivism, governments have a huge financial burden which is paying for the welfare, the food stamps and the benefits of large numbers of people who do not contribute in any meaningful way to the government’s goals of making more money – those who are collecting more money and collecting more taxes. A large percentage of the population in the US for example does not work. They are the welfare class and yet the government pays them lots of benefits usually in exchange for votes. So, bureaucrats want to get elected – usually those on the Left politically speaking – and so they promise more handouts to these populations that do not contribute a tax base or productivity or economic improvement to the country. Now as the country becomes more and more heavily populated, it becomes apparent – sooner or later to those in charge of things, ie the globalists – that the welfare class is actually holding the country back from greater economic prosperity…” Listen to the full podcast below:

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Why Big Government always leads to GENOCIDE from NaturalNews on Vimeo.


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