Top Predictions for 2018 – the Health Ranger (Video)

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Here are a few of the top predictions for 2018, according to the Health Ranger.

Podcast Transcript: “Predictions for 2018. Thank you for joining me. Mike Adam, the Health Ranger here. I really appreciate everyone in independent media who is telling the truth and covering reality. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone in independent media who is taking part in this mass awakening of humanity. So, with that said here are some predictions for 2018 with the caveat that… look these predictions are never 100% accurate, but they are right more often than the wrong. I’ll put it that way. Sometimes I make predictions that are early, they take a few years more to come true. That’s a common pattern of some of my predictions from years past. But looking at 2018, I’ve got some pretty significant predictions. So, number one is the economy. I believe that because of the tax reform that was passed by the GOP and signed into law by President Trump, that the economy is going to come roaring back through most of 2018 – with a couple of exceptions that I’ll mention shortly. GDP will be above 4 percent, it could be 4 and a half percent, and the reason is because of the drop in corporate tax rates. What this means is that companies will no longer have an incentive to try to offshore their profits since they only have to pay now 21 percent federal tax on corporate profits. They will just pay the 21 percent and keep the 79 percent in the country to invest in business growth, which usually means more jobs, more construction, expansion of businesses… that’s my plan. That’s what I’m gonna be doing with my business, investing in growth, not gonna be sitting on a pile of cash as people think corporations do. Maybe that’s true for large corporations like Apple and Google, but small businesses like mine, we don’t have any cash to sit on. We are always investing in new growth…” Listen to the full podcast below:

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