OMG, I Was So WRONG About the FBI (Video)

Wednesday, January 03, 2018 by

The Health Ranger explains why he was totally wrong about the FBI and now is aware of the extreme fraud and corruption of front-line FBI agents.

Podcast Transcript: “Okay folks I have some very disturbing news to report. I may have been wrong about some big issue, so let’s see if I can manage a possible apology here on this point. Where to begin? Well, this is about the FBI. As background, my position on the FBI has long been that the leadership of the FBI is corrupt. I’m talking about James Comey and Robert Muller – former FBI directors, both of them were – Peter Strock and so on… The FBI is running this corruption scheme, this deep state attempt, to ensnare President Trump under a false accusation of Russia collusion. So, I’ve always said, “Well, yeah. The leadership of the FBI is corrupt. They’re swamp creatures.” I’ve even called for their investigation, indictment and arrest if they’re guilty… you know, fair trials and everything, but they should be arrested for their treason. But all along, the way I’ve always said, that the run-of-the-mill FBI men and women are good people, that they are good agents, that they’re trying to do their job, and it’s because I know retired FBI agents. The people I know are good people and they would never do anything illegal, treasonous or traitorous. I mean they just wouldn’t. It’s just not in their blood. They wouldn’t do that. They’re good people and so I’ve always said the run-of-the-mill FBI people are good people. It’s just that the leadership is corrupt, but now now I have to say… Here we go. A report has surfaced from a whistle blower inside the FBI and this is concerning…” Listen to the full podcast below:

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