Stock Market Crash DELAYED Due to GOP Tax Reform (Video)

Friday, January 05, 2018 by

Analysis: The GOP tax reform will DELAY the stock market crash that was otherwise imminent. The Health Ranger explains why.

Podcast Transcript: “Now that Congress has passed the tax overhaul that’s going to really repatriate trillions of dollars in corporate money that has been stashed offshore, in offshore tax havens, which I’ll explain in a second. We are probably looking at a resurgence of – well not a resurgence, let’s say a continuation – of the rise in the stock market. I’ve been predicting a major day of reckoning in the stock market correction since 2008, because the 2008 near collapse wasn’t allowed to run its course. Instead of being allowed to run its course, it was simply propped up with more money from the Fed and Treasury via so-called quantitative easing. We’ve all known that that’s a temporary deal that is going to run out of steam at some point and end up collapsing the market back to normal valuations. I’ve warned about this over the years. I’ve always said however, that we don’t know the timing, we just know that the conditions are pushing us in that direction. Now, thanks to tax reform by the US Congress, the GOP / Donald Trump reform, we have a major benefit to medium-sized and small businesses. In other words, corporations are getting a massive benefit out of this deal and it’s going to allow more corporations to keep more money in the United States. This typically will translate into things like more higher corporate stocks, more corporate investment, expansion, economic abundance and even higher tax revenues by the way. So, the upshot of that is that we actually could see a delay of the stock market crash that I’ve been predicting. That delay could be years. It’s hard to say. It’s not a sure thing. It could also collapse tomorrow. The conditions are still there for collapse…” Listen to the full podcast below:

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Stock market crash DELAYED due to GOP tax reform from NaturalNews on Vimeo.


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