Big Game Hunting vs. ABORTION (Video)

Thursday, January 11, 2018 by

Why do the very same people who are strongly opposed to big game hunting have no problem at all with murdering unborn human babies?

Podcast Transcript: “Did you notice that the very same people who went berserk over the the big-game hunting of elephants in Africa, which by the way I oppose as well I wrote a strong article against big-game hunting, but the very same people who who went berserk over that have no problem killing human babies through abortions. That’s right. The same Leftists who love animals, I guess, and they think that you should never harm an animal, are happy to murder human babies and to have their bodies ripped apart, chopped apart and sold off for use in vaccines and other forms of medical research or tissue harvesting. Third trimester abortions are murder. For short, you can’t argue against that. I suppose you could argue that very early after conception it’s not the same as a third trimester abortion, but there’s no question by the time that the baby is almost fully developed. Come on. It’s for sure that that’s a human being and these partial birth abortions actually have the child partially come out through the birth canal. Then they sever the child’s spinal column right at the base of the skull. They chop its head off essentially to kill it right there as it’s being born. I mean this is what Liberals love. Leftists love murdering babies. They love it. They worship it. They protect it…” Listen to the full podcast below:

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Big Game Hunting vs. ABORTION from NaturalNews on Vimeo.


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