Cannabis Legalization Reveals the INNER LIBERTARIAN In “Progressives” (Video)

Thursday, January 11, 2018 by

If you believe in cannabis freedom, you might actually be a libertarian without even knowing it.

Podcast Transcript: “We have just encountered an amazing teachable moment and those of you who think you are progressives might actually find out that you are a libertarian. Today I’m going to explain why. Thank you for joining me. Mike Adams here, the Health Ranger, editor of, lab scientists founder and director of CWC labs, author and so on. Now this issue involves cannabis and Jeff Sessions. Attorney General Jeff Sessions rescinded an order by Obama that told the feds to back off of states where marijuana was legalized in the state. So, that the Feds wouldn’t go in and arrest people for possessing marijuana, when the state has said it’s legal and the state regulates it. Places like California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado and so on. Lots of states now, 20 plus states, have legalized cannabis in some form, but Attorney General Jeff Sessions, in a throwback to the 1940s reefer madness (or was that the 50s, I don’t know), he has rescinded that order and said no the feds should go ahead and just prosecute everybody all over the country for possessing marijuana. Even if they bought it legally in their own state. Now this decision by Jeff Sessions… And by the way I’ve called for his resignation over this or for him to be fired. I mean he’s got to go. I’ve covered that in another podcast. I’m not gonna repeat all that here, but this decision has of course been met with outrage across the country. Outrage from both progressives and conservatives, and veterans who are using cannabis to treat their PTSD, seizures, chronic pain and things like that. So many people are using cannabis now as natural medicine…” Listen to the full podcast below:

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Cannabis legalization reveals the INNER LIBERTARIAN in “progressives” from NaturalNews on Vimeo.


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