The USA is collapsing into a “pharma state” warns Big Pharma skeptic

Tuesday, April 11, 2017 by

It’s over!”, declares the Health Ranger, as the United States has descended into a Pharma state.

This horrifying state would control everything, including the government, media, public education, science and medical schools.

Mike Adams, also known as the Health Ranger, said it is now apparent that the pharma industry has infested every system of control in America. “We cannot excise this cancer from America and it’s going to destroy the country.”

A pharma would destroy the economy as well as the health care system, as every power structure across the country “worships” pharmaceutical companies. Even with the Obamacare reform bill, the pharma monopoly cannot be contained. It is totally out of control as it consumes the entirety of the United States.

It does not focus on the health and the welfare of the American people, but it is just another huge corporate welfare program that gives trillions of dollars to the “pharmaceutical cartels” for the next few decades, which will lead to America’s completely collapse.

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger has won multiple awards for his investigative science journalism. He is also the lab science director of an analytical laboratory with ISO accreditation. His book “Food Forensics” is’s #1 bestselling science book.

He is popular for raising the concern about the corruption and greed of the big pharmaceutical industry, as well as exposing mercury on vaccines and glyphosate on foods. This made him the most wanted man by the top poison-pushing industries in the world.

His patented lifesaving invention known as Cesium Eliminator pioneers the removal of cesium-137 radionuclides from the body. He publicly offered to donate the manufacturing rights of the formula to any government that wants to protect its citizens against nuclear threats.

The Health Ranger also patented the “Heavy Metals Defense” that gets rid of cadmium, lead, arsenic and mercury from the human body. His another invention known as the Mini Farm Food Rising Grow System helps grow food without electricity, and it is also EMP-proof.

Adams held out hope for a while that there could be a last-ditch effort to save millions of Americans from the corporate greed that is the massive pharmaceutical industry. Donald Trump who vowed to reduce the cost of prescription drug prices could have shed a small window of opportunity to completely topple the pharma cartel.

However, as much as Trump wanted to make a difference with all the cost-cutting related to medications, one man cannot make a significant difference, let alone save the United States even if he wanted to. Although he already made positive changes in other aspects, the fact still remains that there’s nothing standing in the way of the pharmaceutical industry.

They basically rule the country as they have grasped the government, the FDA and the CDC. Giving tax credits to older people to reduce their cost burden for the huge cost of paying for everybody’s disease does not mean a thing.

Every health care system, both implemented and being talked about, is an apparent corporate welfare program. This so-called program hands over trillions of dollars to the pharmaceutical monopoly.

The drug manufacturers keep making money by “drugging people” just enough not to kill them. Because who would buy these “medications” if consumers are all dead? Drug manufacturers see people as the ultimate source of revenue, which is why they keep people alive and addicted to medications they produce.

These corporate monsters live as parasites on the U.S. economy, literally destroying the system. They poison the health and the environment, and destroy savings and economic opportunities.

The very organizations that are being protected by these health care reforms are actually the corporations that destroy life in America.



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