Climate Change Is MASS HYPNOSIS of Obedient Sheeple (Video)

Wednesday, May 17, 2017 by

Those who “believe” in the false science of climate change all suffer from MASS HYPNOSIS that’s so strong, they actually HALLUCINATE after ever extreme weather event.

The Health Ranger explains how climate change alarmists have pulled off the most insane, large-scale mass hypnosis in human history.

Podcast Transcript: “Welcome to Health Ranger Science at Today, I was reading a science paper – I review hundreds of science headlines everyday – and I saw a story (science paper) that looked into why it is that after every rain storm, weather forecasters – your local news weather people – get calls from the public saying ‘Was that caused by climate change‘? (This happens) every time there is an event like a drought, heavy rainstorm or tornado. They get calls from all of these people claiming ‘climate change’. It turns out that the climate change cultists – the climate change alarmists – have brainwashed the entire public into thinking that every event (every weather event) is caused by climate change. This is the biggest mind con job in the history of climatology. It’s dangerous…”

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Climate Change is MASS HYPNOSIS of obedient sheeple from NaturalNews on Vimeo.


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