Venezuela Tyranny Proves Why the Second Amendment Matters (Video)

Tuesday, May 30, 2017 by

Venezuela’s radical socialist leader Maduro demonstrates why the Second Amendment is crucial for defending liberty against tyranny.

Podcast Transcript: “We all have to – in a strange way – thank Venezuela’s totalitarian dictator Maduro for demonstrating the importance of the second amendment. Indeed, Maduro just taught us a very important lesson. ‘What did he do?’ Well, as you know Venezuela is on the verge of a revolt – a revolution. The people are starving – quite literally starving to death. They are eating garbage and literally dumpster diving just to be able to eat. Maduro has driven this country to the edge of total collapse, because socialism doesn’t work – and tyranny doesn’t work. The people of Venezuela have lived as a disarmed society. They don’t have a second amendment. It’s criminal to have a firearm as a private citizen. Now, that is important to every totalitarian dictatorship, because they don’t want the people to be able rise up and throw them out of office, stage a coup or a revolution – with the help of firearms. A lot of these South American Nations, including Venezuela, have strict gun control laws. It’s all about controlling the people, not the guns. It’s about controlling the people…”

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Venezuela Tyranny Proves Why the Second Amendment Matters from NaturalNews on Vimeo.


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